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Brain2Train is a subscription service that delivers challenging quizzes.
It is accessible on all smartphones and tablets with a 3G connection.


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What is Brain2Train?

Brain2Train offers innovative information and entertainment services for your mobile such as brain quizzes to sharpen your mind.

Am I eligible to play Brain2Train?

As a subscriber to the service, you must be 18+ or have received permission from your parents or legal guardians or anyone authorized to pay your bill.

What do I need to play Brain2Train?

Our service is compatible with smartphones and tablets, and requires 3G and up. You will need a modern web browser to use the service.

How was I subscribed to Brain2Train?

You visited one of our promotional pages and clicked on the subscription button. This was followed by a confirmation SMS sent to your phone.

How much does the service cost?

You are charged the rate mentioned on the promotional page that you visited before you subscribed to our service. The rate is mentioned both in the welcome message you received upon subscribing and the monthly SMS reminder you receive from us.